The infamous Egg- Curry

It’s been years since Egg Curry (as mom referred to it as) been prepared at my home. It was mom’s dish or so I think. I never ventured into how it was prepared. To me, all it meant was- a sheer delight with onion half rings, spice and boiled eggs. I am sure by now, you have assessed how much I’m in love with the humble shelled ball of white and orange wonder. In my childhood years, I would scoop out the yolk of the boiled egg and fill it with fillings of whatever may be on my plate, naming it as egg cones. I tell you, no one appreciated my talent. However humorous my version of the story may sound, those experiments are now known as chef’s specialties. So much so for being an egg lover. Sigh…

Trying to get back to life schedule which got ruined in last one year, I picked up the last week’s HT Brunch and went through the fun articles they had printed. I saved the Vir Sanghvi column for the last. What do we have here? A center spread about my favorite egg balls. My eye balls had almost popped out reading that one. The article was (aptly) titled as God’s Own Dish (dated- 20th May, 2012) and talked about the Egg Curry. I gobbled the whole article within a span of 15 minutes flat. What amazed me was this:

Why is it called a roast when it is actually a dry-ish curry? Nobody I spoke to seemed to know. One theory is that the egg is meant to be roasted, which makes no sense to me.

I just couldn’t wait for any longer. I prepared the dish and yes, roasting the boiled eggs that adds to the flavor of the whole dish, without which the blending of spices won’t happen that well. The snap shot I’m posting here is with full eggs so you appreciate the redness of the whites. Cut them into halves before serving if you would wish to.

My version of preparing the dish: Serves 2 generously


4 eggs boiled

5 big onions sliced
3 medium sized tomatoes diced
Garlic as per your taste, half chopped fine, rest ground
2 green chili chopped
Oil- as much as you don’t burn the mix. No water is added originally. Should you wish to, is your discretion at the end.

Ground coriander
Ground cumin
2 pinches of Meat n Chicken masala each
Home ground garam masala 6 pinches
Bay leaf 1
Curry Leaves- suit your taste buds, I did it liberally
Whole seeds of Cumin, Mustard, Fennel, Fenugreek, Coriander- 1 pinch each
Small amount of red chilli
Turmeric for color
Salt to taste

Green chili chopped
Fresh coriander leaves
Finely chopped tomatoes


Heat the oil, add the onions and keep stirring. Once all the onions get oil coated, add the garlic, curry leaves and keep stirring. Don’t cover the mix or it will get cooked. The idea is to keep it crispy and get cooked in oil. Once the garlic is well cooked, add the rest of the spices and fry for a minute more before adding the green chili and tomatoes. You may want to cover now. Don’t add water yet. You know the curry is ready when all the tomatoes get well blended. The trick is to keep covered and quick occasional stirring so the heat doesn’t escape.

Heat some oil separately in a wok. Add 2 pinches of turmeric and red chili powder. Carefully roll the eggs in the mix. It splatters too much. Use immediately boiled eggs for best results. You may cover the wok and keep rolling it over the fire. That pretty much does it. Exercise caution that you don’t “blister” the skin of the egg, constant rolling would save it. The oil would all be gone in half a minute, that’s when the dry frying or not exactly the roasting begins. Once it reaches the desired redness, you may add some water to the wok after removing the eggs and add it to the gravy you prepared. Add only enough water that it soaks immediately unless you want wet gravy. Mind it, it wouldn’t taste as spicy and crisp if you were to add water and make it gravy-ish.

Garnish it with some coriander leaves, chili and tomatoes. Team it up with anything you wish to. I did it with some boiled rice.

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