Sole celebration

This winter couldn’t get any better. The famous Delhi chill spell is on. One moment it’s windy; next minute fog is cascading. Following morning would start slow. Sun would show up past mid-day, setting down within next couple of hours. I was majorly disappointed for my spines hadn’t frozen yet. Then, it happened. It rained. That was a few days back.

It rained again. Dark and cloudy; the drizzling is creating a perfect horror backdrop. It’s become eerily gloomy. I say bring it on.

What a shame! Half a day had gone by already by the time I got off work. I couldn’t wait to reach home to enjoy my new found solitude. A round of selfies marked the beginning of this near perfect noon.


A warm wash later, my big plump cup of tea helped me prepare my meal. Toasted sandwich with cheese and humble broccoli doused in hot and spicy szechwan soup was what I had planned on since yesterday. I told you, the weather couldn’t get any better!


That money plant was brought into my bedroom. I hope it survives this spell. This is where I’m posting these pictures.


It’s almost silver white winters here now melting into spring. These indeed are the few of my favorite things


About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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