Green Chili


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Work Anniversary


Whether it’s the makeup, outfit or the day… the magic is apparent! I captured myself after work at home. I completed a year at Genpact. Never before I celebrated work anniversary like I did this time. It felt special and I enjoyed as much.DSCN8994.1 DSCN8995.1 DSCN8997.1 DSCN8998.1 DSCN9001.1 DSCN9002.1 DSCN9004.1 DSCN9005.1

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Celebrating 23rd October, 2014





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October Selfies

DSCN8983 DSCN8980.1 DSCN8967DSCN8971 DSCN8970.2 DSCN8970.1

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Mall matters

13th October, 2014- Saket Malls, New Delhi

DSCN8942 DSCN8943 /

DSCN8950 DSCN8946

DSCN8951  DSCN8952 DSCN8953

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