Mall matters

13th October, 2014- Saket Malls, New Delhi

DSCN8942 DSCN8943 /

DSCN8950 DSCN8946

DSCN8951  DSCN8952 DSCN8953

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Durga Puja 2014- Pandal stroll

DSCN8873DSCN8874 DSCN8875DSCN8880DSCN8876





DSCN8886 DSCN8885 DSCN8890

DSCN8892  DSCN8891

DSCN8894DSCN8893.1 DSCN8893 DSCN8895  DSCN8904







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Durga Puja 2014 at home

DSCN8829.1Work on 24/09/2014… day after Mahalaya. Draped a new saree bought a few years ago. Certain fixed deposit invested by mom in 1994 was retrieved after much effort. The sum was spent buying a few sarees and dress materials. I had sent the clothes length to someone so she could pick and choose and send the rest back- none returned. Shopped in summers of 2009, worn in fall of 2014. Sambalpuri and red! I love wearing these.

DSCN8853 30/10/2014- Shashti Puja at my home.

DSCN8854Plates of adornment.

DSCN8855.3Scented indulgence- garlands, floral offering, petals floating in clarified butter lit earthen lamp, lit camphor, lit scented stick, sandal powder, saffron, vermilion, turmeric, rice and beetal nut.

DSCN8855.4Puja Platter- A bowl of payasam and a glass of water to wash it down with. It’s upon me to keep them well fed!

DSCN8856.1The lights in action! Camphor, lamp and burning incense. Add to the drama the fragrance of sandalwood and flowers.

DSCN8869Selfie for the day- sans any makeup. Red again… another new dress as per the custom.

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My B’de 2014

10th August, 2014.

My Cinderella moment… just before the clock struck 12. 

DSCN8697.1Wished myself birthday, posed for a few clicks before I lit the candle.DSCN8702

Happy B’de to me…




The final click!DSCN8715


The center-spread. The watches I gifted myself two days back and perfume my classmate gifted. Mary was right on time this year for my birthday. My fave Wenger’s butter-scotch cake and a glass of water. The wine candle was hunted for lit singly. DSCN8717

Breakfast on b’de morning. Strawberry flavored oats!DSCN8727



A separate click of the perfume bottle straight from Dubai.DSCN8729

13th August, 2014

Issey Miyake I have been lusting for since November last year. Gifted the belated present the following day – 12th August, 2014. The rest of them are my all time faves. Best fumes since over ten years.


Whatever else I bought when I went out to get the spirit!DSCN8737

A customary cheers… no happy hours, this.DSCN8747

14th August, 2014

Double take. Butter scotch cake paired with butterscotch ice-cream. Didn’t Sundae as had planned, barely recovered of typhoid only a week back.DSCN8753

18th August, 2014

“Get some cherries in a cup for ma’am. She loves nibbling…”
“Since when?”, I thought.
The person I know since many years at Wenger’s gives me freebies on my visits. You are looking at those… This was my second cake after a week on 17th August, a bigger one this time. I loved nibbling the red ones alright!DSCN8759

I have never bought any singly before. I either gifted to people buying none for self or bought in pairs for someone while coupling one for self too. My first ever time pieces again bought in pairs over two days… this time, all for self

This pigeon fairy visited just a few days later to extend their wishes. This isn’t the first time I held a pigeon and on my b’de. The custom recurs on special days and b’des.DSCN8766

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Ganesh Chaturthi 2014





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