Fruit cake with cashews

One winter midnight, with big giraffe coffee…


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My Birthday 2017




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Durga Puja 2016

dscn8889-1 dscn8892-1 dscn8896-1 dscn8900-1 dscn8901-1 dscn8903-1 dscn8906-1

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Exploring newer heights

And that is how I ended 2015 to welcome 2016


This mountain cattle posed for me when I said I intended clicking… thank mooo!!DSCN8623.1

Then, began my attempts to capture the snow clad mountain… peek-a-booDSCN8624.1

Ain’t this no canvas… nature painted this 3D version of snow, rocks and pinesDSCN8625.1

Idea was to capture the uprooted trunk… in contrast with life thriving on mean heights

River… rocks… snow capped mountain… sunset… SIGH!!

That momentary capture… how did I know of this then?

Elements in their primal identity. Lose yourself here to find yourself backDSCN8636.1

Who won and who’s loss was it? The sun went down, no more did snow glow…DSCN8637.1

Dark took over blending all identities…DSCN8638.1

At the other end… Mountains cried as life washed away…DSCN8639.1

HD… High and dry!DSCN8663.1

Morning sky. Sun veiled by the rain clouds.DSCN8666.1

Standing high all alone; yet, all together.DSCN8669.1

Another scenic view of cloudplay

Here was where life had flown it… and the greens rejoiced.DSCN8673.1

Book- reading, seated by and sketching, sweater knitting, coffee, musing… what else?DSCN8675.1

Live here for a naturally luxurious life; anyone?DSCN8676.1

My walk-trail for the evenings… when I find my home hereDSCN8677.1

Rocky terrain, trekking trail, walk in the woods…DSCN8678.1

I choose to stay here for sometime, carry on please. Thank you.DSCN8679.1

Snow again! My attempts at capturing it begins again…DSCN8681.2

The almost black n white visionDSCN8682.1

Achromatic again.DSCN8689.1

Then, there was light! DSCN8691.1

Life at playDSCN8693.1

How I wished I lived atop in one of those cottages!DSCN8694.1

This is the ideal height. I’ll like my cottage around here.DSCN8696.1

Here at top, I stand alone… DSCN8697.1

The sunshine…DSCN8702.1

Every cloud has a silver lining

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DSCN8074.1 DSCN8099.1 DSCN8109.1 DSCN8095.1 DSCN8100 DSCN8077.1

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