The Buzzaria Girl

Sensuality, romance n anger,
red is the color of danger…
Vidya’s sari, Rekha’s bindi,
Sati Savitri, Khoon bhari maang!

Goddess Kali’s tongue, a drop of blood,
red is the color of passion and love…
the first of the rainbow,
the first n last of the setting n rising sun…

Red is my color!
Here’s to the parrot’s beak.

“What is your Color- Story?” at Buzzaria

Bhram House
F/343, Lado Sarai
Old M.B. Road
Near Crescent Mall
New Delhi- 110030

An unforgettable date…? Arriving at a significant milestone of your life- time…? Does that remind you of someone special…? Each of the Potpourrians was to dress up to the color of his/her liking and share the story associated with that. That special dress that might take you to a different trail down the memory lane. They were given to share “their side of story” to accessorize their look for the evening!

The idea was to scratch the outer shell so we get to meet the person beneath the skin he or she is and not hit the pause key after the introduction alone… We painted ourselves with the myriad of colors while summer could only wince. The heat could not fade our spirits, nor the colors or the memorabilia attached to it. We lived once more in pain; with peace!

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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  1. 11ismagic says:

    Buzzaria is beautiful!!

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    Reblogged this on Breaking Barriers To….

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